Upcoming Workshops

We love training parents, teachers and therapists about brain-based behavior techniques.  Our unique, fun, research-based workshops are open to EVERYONE, but sign-up soon as we tend to sell out with a wait list.

Brain-Based Behavior Techniques for Parents/Teachers

This research-based workshop will discuss parenting strategies that foster healthy brain development and growth mindset, leading to happier, calmer children. By applying these strategies to everyday parenting or teaching, teachers/parents can change outbursts to opportunities to foster emotional growth. This workshop draws on the work of Carol Dweck, Ph.D., Daniel Siegel M.D., and Thomas Phelan Ph.D., which are all leading experts in the child development.

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Mindfulness and Yoga for the School Setting

Meeting the basic individual needs of each student is essential for academic achievement and growth. Yoga and mindfulness tools offer an effective means of cultivating every students’ strengths improving awareness, self-regulation, and health.

Research demonstrates that a student’s academic achievement and future success and happiness can be significantly impacted by developing the skills of self regulation, focus, and resilience.

This workshop will empower teachers to instruct students with evidence-based Yoga and Mindfulness exercises of breath, movement and mindfulness. The exercises provide students with the tools to be: Calm, Energized, Focused, Connected and Ready to Learn.

Teaching fun, therapeutic, aerial yoga and mindfulness to children